Gamma-ray Astrophysics: Future and Prospects




Gamma-ray Astrophysics: Future and Prospects

Gamma-ray sky in 1973

Gamma-ray Sky in 1980

Gamma-ray Sky in 1996

Gamma-ray Sky in 2004?

Number of Sources vs. Time

Gamma-ray Sources in 1994

Gamma-ray Sources in 1996

Gamma-ray Sources in 1998

EGRET Source Catalog

Gamma-ray Sky above 300GeV

Technology in 1970fs - Satellite

Technology in 1980fs - Satellite

Technology in 1990fs - Satellite

Technology in 2000fs - Satellite

Comparison of Satellites

Technology in 1950fs - Ground

Technology in 1970fs - Ground

Technology in 1980fs -Imaging 1

Technology in 1980fs -Imaging 2

Imaging Technology in 1990fs

Technology in 2000fs - Stereo? 1

Technology in 2000fs - Stereo? 2

Stereo Project -1

Stereo Project -2

Stereo Project -3

Technology in 2000fs - Area?

Large Area Project -1

Large Area Project -2

Large Area Project -3

Comparison of techniques

Comparison of Telescopes

Future Sensitivities

Sensitivity -1

SNR - Where are protons?

Sensitivity -2

Crab unpulsed spectrum

Sensitivity -3

Wideband spectrum of AGN

Intergalactic absorption by IR

Spectrum cutoff for Blazars

Sensitivity -4

Energetic Universe

Non-thermal Universe


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