International Symposium
The Universe Viewed in Gamma-rays  - University of Tokyo Workshop 2002 -
September 25-28, 2002, "Sawayaka Chiba Kenmin Plaza", Kashiwa, Japan
September 25 (Wed)
Registration and Welcome Party
September 26 (Thu)
Welcome address
09:30-09:40 M. Yoshimura (Paper ID)
Invited review (1)
09:40-10:40 P. Slane Chandra Studies of Nonthermal Emission from Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae 01 [text]
Galactic sources
11:10-11:40 T.Tanimori TeV gamma rays from synchrotron X-ray SNRs 02 [text]
11:40-12:20 E. Berezhko Gamma -ray emission expected from young supernova remnants 03 [text]
14:00-14:30 O. de Jager Pulsars and Plerions from a Multiwavelength Perspective 04 [text]
Diffuse emission from the galactic disk and unidentified EGRET sources
14:30-15:00 M. Pohl Diffuse emission from the Galactic plane and unidentified EGRET sources 05 [text]
Status of high energy gamma-ray observation (contributed papers)
15:20-15:40 F. Piron The Crab nebula and Mkn 421 high-energy gamma-ray spectra above 50 GeV from CELESTE observations in 1999-2000 S02 [text]
15:40-16:00 F. Krennrich Results from the VERITAS Collaboration S03 [text]
16:30-16:50 D. Horns Recent results and status of the HEGRA imaging air Cherenkov telescopes S04 [text]
16:50-17:05 K. Okumura Results from CANGAROO (Extragalactic objects) S05 [text]
17:05-17:20 A. Kawachi Results from CANGAROO (Galactic objects) S06 [text]
17:20-17:35 J. Holder Observations of 1es1959+650 with the Whipple 10m telescope S07 [text]
17:35-17:50 G. Rowell Evidence for an Unidentified TeV Source in the Vicinity of Cygnus OB2 S08 [text]
17:50-18:05 G. Puehlhofer Scans of the TeV gamma-ray sky with the HEGRA system of Cherenkov Telescopes S09 [text]
18:05-18:20 P. Majumdar Preliminary Results on Crab from Pachmarhi Array of Cerenkov Telescopes S10 [text]
18:20-18:35 N. Hotta Recent status of the Tibet AS gamma experiment S11 [text]
18:35-18:50 M. Teshima Evidence for point sources of Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays S12 [text]
18:50-19:05 G. Sinnis The Milagro Gamma-Ray Observatory S13 [text]
September 27 (Fri)
Invited review (2)
09:30-10:30 E. Dwek The Cosmic Infrared Background 06 [text]
Extragalactic sources
11:00-11:30 P. Coppi Blazars (theoretical aspects) 07 [text]
11:30-12:00 R. Mukherjee High Energy Emission from Blazars (Observations) 08 [text]
12:00-12:30 H. Voelk Origin and distribution of cosmic rays associated with cluster of galaxies and with starburst galaxies* 09 [text]
Techniques and projects (contributed papers)
14:00-14:20 R. Ong STATUS OF THE VERITAS PROJECT T01 [text]
14:20-14:40 E. Lorenz Status of the 17 m diameter MAGIC Telescope T02 [text]
14:40-15:00 H. Hofmann H.E.S.S. project* T03 [text]
15:00-15:15 M. Ohishi Status of CANGAROO-III T04 [text]
15:15-15:30 R. Mirzoyan The MAGIC Telescope Project: Phase II T05 [text]
General gamma-ray astrophysics (contributed papers)
16:00-16:15 S. Shibata The Crab Nebula: 3-dimensional modeling G01 [text]
16:15-16:30 A. Bamba Fine Structures of the Thermal and Non-Thermal X-Rays in the SN1006 Shell G02 [text]
16:30-16:45 F. Pacini Quenching of the pulsar wind by Inverse Compton Scattering against thermalradiation from the neutron star G03 [text]
16:45-17:00 T. Tamagawa Properties of Gamma-ray Bursts localized by the HETE-2 satellite G04 [text]
17:00-17:15 P. Edwards Parsec-scale VLBI observations of TeV gamma-ray sources G05 [text]
17:15-17:30 F. Miniati Investigating Galaxy Clusters through Gamma-ray Emission G06 [text]
17:30-17:45 V. Pavlidou The Guaranteed Gamma Ray Background G07 [text]
September 28 (Sat)
Invited review (3)
09:30-10:30 L. Bergstroem Gamma ray signatures of dark matter particles 10 [text]
Cosmic Rays
11:00-11:30 D. Kieda  High Resolution Cosmic Ray Measurements using Next Generation Ground-based Gamma Ray Observatories 11 [text]
11:30-12:00 M. Hoshino  Plasma Physics View of Particle Acceleration 12 [text]
12:00-12:30 R. Schlickeiser  Relativistic and nonrelativistic shock acceleration in various objects 13 [text]
14:00-14:30 F. Takahara Summary (1)
14:30-15:00 R. Ong Summary (2)
15:00-15:15 T. Kifune Concluding remarks
Adjourn (evening)
Poster session
(First author) (Title) (Paper ID)
Status of high energy gamma-ray observation (contributed papers)
V.G. Sinitsyna The detection of the new active galactic gamma-sources NGC 1275, 3c454.3 and 17399+522 and comparison with early known metagalactic and galactic sources S14 [text]
K. Okumura Observation of gamma-rays greater than 10TeV from Markarian421 during the flaring state in 2001 S15 [text]
B. Achara Pachamrhi Array of Cerenkkov Telescopes S16 [text]
K. Tsuchiya Very High Energy Gamma Rays from Galactic Center S17 [text]
S.S. Borisov Evidence of TeV gamma-ray radiation in supernova remnants CYGNUS X-3 S18 [text]
H. Katagiri The observation of TeV gamma rays from RX J0852.0-4622 with CANGAROO-II 10m telescope S19 [text]
S. Molkov The Study of Evolution of Hard X-ray Emission from transients LMXBsDuring a Outburst by INTEGRAL.(2 accepted AO-1 INTEGRAL's proposals) S20 [text]
M. Schroedter Multi-wavelength Observations of 1ES1959 in a Flaring State S21 [text]
L. M. Boone STACEE Observations of Markarian 421 During the 2001 Flare S22 [text]
J. Cortina HEGRA CT1 Spectrum and Light Curve of Mrk-421 during its 2001 flare S23 [text]
S. Hayashi Observation of Very High Energy Gamma Rays from SS433/W50 with CANGAROO-II Telescope S24 [text]
D. Horns Observations of 1ES1959+650 with the HEGRA system of imaging air Cherenkov telescopes S25 [text]
C. Itoh Study of the nearest starburst Galaxy: NGC253 S26 [text]
A. Kawachi TeV Gamma-ray Observations of the PSR B1259-63/SS2883 Binary System with the CANGAROO-II 10mTelescope S27 [text]
J. Kushida Study of TeV gamma-ray emission mechanism of PSR 1706-44 based on multi-wavelength spectrum S28 [text]
S. Osone Long periodicity of Blaser with RXTE ASM, TA and HEGRA S29 [text]
M. Sakata A wide sky survey for flare type TeV gamma-ray sources using the Tibet-HD data S30 [text]
M. Ueno Non-thermal emission from an X-ray shell near at 30 Dor C S31 [text]
S. Watanabe TeV gamma-ray observations of the Supernova Remnant RCW86 with the CANGAROO-II telescope S32 [text]
Y. Yamamoto Upper Limits of Diffuse Gamma Rays from the Galactic Plane at 10 TeV with the Tibet-II and III Arrays S33 [text]
T. Nakase Observation of Southern High Energy Peaked BL Lacertae Object PKS 2155-304 with CANGAROO-II Telescope S34 [text]
T. Hattori Search for gamma-ray clusters of galaxies with CANGAROO-II telescope S35 [text]
Techniques and projects (contributed papers)
R. Cowsik High Altitude Gamma Ray Observatory at Hanle (HAGAR) T06 [text]
V.Y. Sinitsyna Efficiency of selection of gamma - quanta from a proton background in experiment SHALON on observation results of extragalactic sources NGC1275, 1739+522, 3c454.3 and Mkn 421, Mkn501. T07 [text]
A.Lutovinov Organization of Russian Science Data Center of the INTEGRAL project T08 [text]
S. Kabuki Development of an atmospheric Cherenkov imaging camera for the CANGAROO-III experiment T09 [text]
G. Puehlhofer Technical performance of the HEGRA IACT system T11 [text]
R. Cornils Mirror alignment and optical quality of the H.E.S.S. imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes T12 [text]
J. Cortina An absolute light flux calibration for the MAGIC telescope T13 [text]
C.E. Covault Performance Characteristics of the STACEE Gamma-Ray Observatory T15 [text]
F. Kajino High-Resolution Cherenkov Telescopes for the Observation of High Energy Gamma rays T16 [text]
D. Nishida Development of the data acquisition system of the CANGAROO-III telescope T17 [text]
K. Nishijima Development of trigger module for CANGAROO-III T18 [text]
M. Ohishi Performance of the plastic spherical mirrors of CANGAROO-III telescope T19 [text]
S. Osone Concept of new gamma ray detector T20 [text]
A.Asahara Performance of 10 - 100 ~GeV gamma ray camera, "CheSS" for SUBARU ptical-infrared telescope T21 [text]
F. Krennrich Short GAmma Ray Front Air Cherenkov Experiment T22 [text]
S. LeBohec Calibration of Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes using Cosmic Ray Background Events T23 [text]
General gamma-ray astrophysics (contributed papers)
S.I. Nikolsky The distinction of spectra both cosmic rays and gamma-quanta of local sources and formation of uniform cosmic ray spectrum G08 [text]
J. Dyks Signatures of pulsar polar-gap emission at the high-energy spectral cutoff G09 [text]
K. George Missing afterglows of GRBs G10 [text]
G. Ter-Ghazaryan Neutrino cooling of AGN's superdense core at presence of spherical symmetric accretion and origin of extragalactic high energy gamma-rays. G11 [text]
A. Pozanenko High frequencies in the power spectrum of Gamma-Ray Burst G12 [text]
O. Kurtanidze Study of AGNs by Multiband Optical BVRI CCD Photometry G13 [text]
A. Lutovinov Hard X-ray observations of the X-ray pulsar GX301-2 G14 [text]
K. Oka Gamma-ray Emission from an Accretion Flow around a Kerr Black Hole G16 [text]
S. Inoue Gamma-rays and Cosmic Rays from Large-Scale Shocks in the Universe G17 [text]
J. Takata Gamma-ray emission from Outer-Gap of pulsar magnetosphere G18 [text]
M. Ohishi Galactic diffuse gamma-ray spectrum from cosmic-ray proton interactionswith gas clouds G19 [text]
H. Muraishi Extragalactic cosmic rays modulated by the galactic wind and its implication for the origin of the `knee' G20 [text]
N. Shibazaki X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Emission from the PSR 1259-63 / Be Star System G21 [text]
N. Tateyama High Energy Diffuse Gamma-Rays from Galactic Plane G22 [text]
T. Naito High energy gamma-ray emission from merging clusters of galaxies G23 [text]
R. Clay Our Galaxy Close to a Source of EeV Cosmic Rays G24 [text]
P. Tinyakov Evidence for a connection between gamma-ray and UHECR emissions by BL Lacs G25 [text]
S. Tsubaki Evolution of clusters of galaxies and CR-induced gamma-rays G26 [text]
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