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CANGAROO, an acronym for Collaboration of Australia and Nippon (Japan) for a GAmma Ray Observatory in the Outback, is an international collaboration for the Gamma-ray Astrophysics, aiming to study the existence and properties of very high energy gamma rays from celestial objects in the southern sky by using imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes at Woomera, Australia.

What's new (updated June 20, 2008)

Introduction (updated March 6, 2006)

CANGAROO II telescope (updated June 19, 2001)

CANGAROO III system (Updated March 26, 2004)

CANGAROO gallery (Updated August 28, 2006)


Publications (updated June 19, 2013)

CANGAROO-III telescope system: March 2004
  CANGAROO-III telescope system  

Recent Activities at Conferences (updated June 25, 2008)

Useful Links (updated December 15, 2008)

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International symposium: "The Universe viewed in Gamma-rays - Univ. Tokyo Workshop 2002 - Sep.25-28, 2002" Finished: Proceedings available online: December 20, 2002

Program to form a base of COE by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research:
"Universe Seen from Very High Energy Eyes" (in Japanese)
Updated April 8, 2004

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